3 Common HVAC Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked with some Truths


Nowadays, every homeowner is conscious enough to seek ways to make their homes more energy efficient. The thriving costs of energy bills have enforced every homeowner to embrace the most feasible ways on saving on their monthly energy bills. To power up a home needs a lot of electricity, hence we need to seek more ways on saving energy as well as the costs. As heating and cooling costs take up a major chunk of our energy bills, we decided to debunk some of the myths related to energy efficiency and to save you money. Let’s have a look.

  1. Close the vents in the unused rooms when heating

Never be concerned about closing the vents in the empty rooms whenever you are heating your home as the furnace has a knack for checking the ductwork and not the number of rooms in your house. The problem of busy or empty rooms never influence the operation of your furnaces. As a matter of fact, when you are shutting the airflow in a few areas just because they are vacant, it can mess up with your climatiseur mural carrier because of increased air pressure.

  1. Setting your thermostat to the max to heat up your home faster

This is the most common myth of all. People believe that turning the thermostat up to 88 degrees F will heat up the room faster, but this is not true. Rather, this method is more like pressing the lift button again and again to make it move faster, which is not possible at all. The function of your thermostat is to direct the HVAC system cool your heat the interior of your house to a specific temperature. When you set a higher or lower value makes no difference in the speed at which the spaces heat up or cool down. As a matter of fact, you will end up wasting a lot of energy. All you have to here is to set up your thermostat at an ideal temperature and let the HVAC system do its job.

  1. Keeping the doors and windows open or closed

Many people believe that keeping all the doors open, the heat will accumulate and make the house warmer. But this is false. As a matter of fact, you must always close your doors and heat each room separately. This will make the heater work more optimally. The gist should be to let your heater work at a current convection cycle which happens via the frequent rise of warm air and descent of cold air. The latter is sucked away by the heater to be warmed again. But, when you open the doors, it destroys this convection current that impacts the performance of your room heater. Hence, always keep the doors closed.