5 Tips for Small Kitchen Layouts


The kitchen is often the smallest room in the house and when it comes to design, that lack of space is more than annoying, as there are so many gadgets, appliances and devices in the modern kitchen. With a lot of thought and some creativity, you should be able to come up with a layout that is both functional and appealing, and with that in mind, here are a few tips for small kitchen design.

  1. Think bespoke – You need to make the best use of the recesses and corners and that requires making the cabinets and shelving to fit the space. If you aren’t up to that level of woodwork, talk to your local joiner, who can handcraft cabinets, doors and shelves, all in your choice of timber.
  2. Mini-Appliances – When thinking small kitchen design, take a look at mini-kitchen appliances that are designed for small spaces. The Internet is a great source and in no time, you can be viewing ovens, sinks and hotplates that are smaller than usual and if you are lucky, this will save you some essential floor space.
  3. Reflected Light – Take a tip from the interior designer and create some light reflection; place a mirror on an opposing wall from the window and this will create a more spacious look. Google Images can give you an idea of bright and airy kitchens, with hundreds of fine images to give you some inspiration.
  4. Cabinet Door Interiors – The interior surface of your cabinets can be used to hang kitchen utensils, meaning the wall can be left for a spice rack, indeed, if you are creative, you can build small shelves on the inner doors, greatly increasing your storage space and it is nicely concealed for a streamline look. Try to find space for small appliances that are rarely used and this will declutter the space.
  5. Wall Cabinets – The more floor space you can reclaim, the better and if you choose eye-level wall-mounted cabinets that are slightly narrower than normal, this will be a space-saver. Again, you might be better to commission a carpenter to build the cabinets to fit the space and while this will add to the cost, the design will look in proportion to the room.

It is all in the planning with a small kitchen and by creating a large paper floor plan that is to scale, you can be sure about your design before you move forward.