6 Mistakes to Avoid when Installing RO Systems


This article will help you look out for the following errors when it comes to RO system installation so as to avoid any chaos in the future. Thank us later

  1. Feed water temperature

The treated water flow or permeate flow from an RO plant can differ significantly on the basis of the temperature of the feed water that is being treated. There are many places where the feed water temperature in the winter months can plummet to as low as 5 degrees. It is essential that the RO plants are designed and installed correctly so as to function properly when the temperature changes.

  1. Feed water

When it comes to RO system installation, it is important to test the feed water as well as the operating conditions of the system completely. When installing an RO system, you need to consider four factors to build a good RO performance.

  1. Iron

The presence of iron in feed water also ruins and damages the RO membranes. Iron is not usually deemed an issue in the supplied municipal water, however, many RO systems are installed in order to treat the bore hole water supplied that is super loaded with iron. It is essential to analyze the iron content in the water before you install an RO system and you can also install necessary filter systems to act as a catalyst and get rid of the iron.

  1. Free chlorine

Free chlorine is added into the feed water by the municipal department. But, the free chlorines tend to ruin the RO membranes. Any efficient RO system must bear an efficient and activated carbon filter, so as to get rid of free chlorine.

  1. Organic matter

In many areas, the feed water is of surface nature. The organic levels in this water is not high in quantity. If this water is not treated, the organic matter will also ruin the RO membranes. This issue can should be addressed and fixed before you install an RO unit. The organic contamination can be eliminated with a filter on the basis of the application and the levels of organic matter.

  1. Hardness of the feed water

It is essential that the hardness of the feed water can be eliminated to less than 4 parts per million in the feed water in any kind of RO unit. If not, then the RO membranes will ruin at a rapid rate and the recovery rates will also be diminished. RO systems must always be fed with water through the duplex meter controlled water softeners.