Be Aware of the Reasons Causing Bed Bug Infestation at Your Place


Bedbugs are pests that are small in size and brownish in brownish colour. You can mostly find them where people rest and relax. That is the reason they are known as bedbugs. To know more about the insects, the basic fact to consider is the causes leading to bedbugs thriving in your place.

Here are few of the causes of bed bugs infestation:

  • The big question always about bedbugs is how they arrive at your place. They are absolutely skilled in hitchhiking. Mostly they may be transported through luggage that was placed in some bedbugs infested places. The other places from where they arrive are public places like theatres, hotels and even from restaurants.
  • Usually people assume that insects multiply due to dirty surroundings. Bedbugs prove the assumption is wrong as they thrive even in cleanest environment. They just need to seek source of blood getting easily from any place.
  • Mostly they are present in the place where there are more human population like hostel’s dormitories, barracks, guest houses, apartments and roadside shelters. Moreover, these places are beneficial for them to move to new places.

There isn’t any doubt that bedbugs love to hide. Hence, you will find them under furniture especially the interior parts of your bed, inside the clothing wardrobe, under the mattress or carpets and even you can find them behind wall paper. Any kind of clutter is enough for them to hide and thrive in multiples.

Many people have misconception that bedbugs are active during night hours. That isn’t totally true as they are looking out for the prey all the time. Once a person sits in a place infested with these parasites, they feast on the person’s blood.

The good fact is la punaise du lit can be completely eradicated using certain methods.

Here are some ideas for preventing infestation of bedbugs:

  • Wash all the sheets, pillow covers as soon as guests depart.
  • While coming back from any place of stay make sure to clean your clothes, suitcase and other things immediately.
  • Often check your family member’s clothes especially in seams where the female bedbugs lay its eggs.
  • Regularly clean your furniture, carpet and your beddings.
  • Don’t leave any clutter in your home.

Unfortunately, if any family member is bitten by bug consult your medical physician. You can anytime visit the website of bedbug infestation cleaning service providers like Solution Cemex. You can even contact their company present in Montreal, Granby, Sherbrooke and Ailleurs.