Can I use my smartphone to check on my house when I’m on holiday?


Installing a wireless home alarm system could be the best thing that you do at the tail end of this year, but one way to ensure that your home security system is bolstered even further is to make sure you speak to domestic security experts with access to smart home security products. Smart technology has improved drastically in the last few years and it means that you can now add smart security solutions to your home that can be managed, viewed and controlled from the palm of your hand through an easy-to-use smartphone app. It is incredible that you could be abroad on holiday, sunning yourself on a beach and just quickly look at your phone to check that your home is safe. How times have changed!

The ability to control aspects of your home from your phone has been something that many of us have dreamed of for a long time. All of us are used to using our mobile phones all day every day, and to think that you can now use it for more than just mindless scrolling on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and actually put it to good use to help secure your home when you are away from the house, is really encouraging. There are different smart security products that you can buy and install at your home that can be controlled with smart technology.

Smart home alarm systems can be accessed through a smartphone app, and within that system you can install smart video doorbells, security cameras, security sensors and other smart security products that can all be viewed and controlled on your phone. What this does, is provide you with the ultimate peace of mind that your home is safe, no matter where you happen to be.

Think about it? In the past, if you were going on holiday you might have to rely on the kindness of family members or close friends to take a spare key and to go check on your house whilst you were away, pick up the post, make it look like someone is at home so that burglars are deterred and just a quick check around the property that all was ok. Other than that, you’d have to leave it alone and chance it. Even if you had a home alarm system, it might not necessarily alert you if there is a break in. These days, you can check live data and video feeds on your phone and look at the different aspects of your home security setup, even when you’re away from home for a two-week holiday abroad, or a short weekend break in the UK.

Smart technology and how it has intertwined with home security solutions demonstrates how great technology can actually be. When used in a functional and effective way, smart technology has dramatically improved the ways in which you can bolster your home security. The best bit about it all? The fact that you can use your smartphone to check on your home from any location, bringing peace of mind in any circumstance and not leaving anything to chance. You should choose a supplier of smart home security solutions that has a reputation as a domestic security expert. That way, you’ll know that you have the very best smart security products for your specific needs and budget. You’ll also know that you can use your smartphone to check on many different aspects of your home, from the security cameras, to the doorbell and even the heating and lighting options.