Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing A Refrigerator


A refrigerator is a large appliance, which needs a little planning in advance. Wrong decisions will make you live with it for a decade, as you cannot replace this huge investment often. You have to avoid several pitfalls while choosing a refrigerator.

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Common mistakes made in choosing a refrigerator

Wrong style

The large box is not monolithic but is available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Every style has its particular strengths and weaknesses. The basic features are less costly, but there are units with smart features and massive price.

Investing in the wrong style means bad news. It may not fit in the cavities or you get stuck with bloated utility bills. Get to know the fridge styles to be familiar with what to expect.

  • Top freezer is an affordable option for a small kitchen with no fancy extras.
  • The Bottom freezer is a little larger and the fridge sits at eye level making it easy to access fresh food items.
  • Side-by-side style offers extra features and ample storage. It is great for a narrow kitchen.
  • French door unit is costly with all the advanced features and not for people on a budget.

Disregarding to measure the space

If the current refrigerator is situated in a recessed nook or built-in cabinet, then measure it to compare with the potential appliance you are planning to buy. Measure the clearance area for a smooth swing of the door or walking past.

Check the entry points like a front door, basement door, hallways, etc. to anticipate that the delivery people can carry the appliance inside the home without any obstacles.

Ignoring storage needs

Every home-owner has different refrigeration needs. If you store lots of frozen items, then choose a unit with a big freezer compartment. In such cases, a side-by-side unit is great but if it is opposite, then a large French door style is fine.

Disregarding the color & finish

Besides the features and functions, the exterior of the refrigerator can impact the room’s décor. A poor choice can clash with the kitchen surrounding giving a cluttered aesthetic. The choice of color and texture needs to blend with nearby appliances or furniture.

Ignoring little details

While shopping for a new refrigerator considers small factors. Interior details can get overlooked. Crisper drawer functioning needs to be checked. Are there sharp edges, which can hurt your knuckles or forearms? If you plan to buy a unit with a water dispenser, then check if the waterline is near the place you want to place the appliance.