Dark Granite Countertops and Colors that Match Them


Choosing the overall theme for your home is something you should seriously consider, as changing it constantly can be too expensive and labor intensive. This is why many homeowners tend to choose neutral colors so they can easily mix and match in case they want to change some things inside their homes.

Among the neutral colors, black has been the most popular. Because aside from you can easily complement it with different colors, it is also not prone to dirt which is beneficial, especially for the kitchen. This dark neutral color is typically used for countertops and matched with dark wood cabinets.

It is understandable why this combination is popular among homeowners. But more than the classic dark granite-wood color combination, there are more colors you can match with dark granite countertops.

Kitchen remodeling companies Long Beach often have sample strips of paint chips to help them determine the closest match to use for your countertop. In addition, study the specks and stream paints that are mixed in colors to check whether or not they would go along with dark-colored countertops. Often, you will find silvers, golds, whites, or hues of brown in it. One example is a granite countertop accented with espresso. This combination would look perfect for coffee-colored cabinets.

Some combinations are stone countertops with dark-colored cabinets. An espresso finish gives it the depth and richness of a black cabinet without blending in too much with the granite color. Other combinations are white and taupe with a brown-colored granite countertop.

Brown on brown is also one of the most popular options these days. It is even considered the new gray to some people. Browns are known for being neutral colors that offer a cozy and comfortable look in your kitchen space.

More kitchen remodeling Cypress such as the ones mentioned above can be found in this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care.
Dark Granite countertops and Colors that Match Them