Eliminate Pests and Bugs in Your Office – Know the Possible Ways


Do you know an untidy office is home to many insects? Yes, from moths to mosquitoes, houseflies, and others, over 300 insects rely on standing water, exterior lighting, decay debris in cracks, cans, drains, crevices, etc. These flies get attracted by the unclean areas and their presence can cause a health risk to everyone in the office.

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Common pests in the office

  • Spiders – relies on warm, dry locations like room corners, desks, and others
  • Ants – attracted by the food – leftovers, spills, garbage, etc
  • Cockroaches – found in break rooms
  • Flies – found on moist materials
  • Termites – found on paper, wood, plants, and cardboard
  • Bedbugs – transported in by others like staff, clients, etc
  • Silverfish – found in bathrooms, drains, starched cloth, and book bindings

Drain flies – found in the bathroom, kitchen sinks, pipes, etc

Entry points of flying insects

These insects can enter by the unscreened vents, open doors, tiny holes, cracks, and others, through which they get attracted. The common way to enter into the food-processing facility is roof vents, which emits an odor.

Damaged or missing door sweeps, gaps, lack of curtains allow the insects inside the business place. The biggest culprit that allows insects in is, left open doors. Wastewater channels, trash cans, and dumpsters are the hidden entry points of insects.

Ways to prevent the entry of insects into the office

  • Vacuum mats, floors, and carpets
  • Clean sinks, hand dryers, basins, urinals, and toilets
  • Install screens that let fresh air into the building
  • Clean or wipe the doors and glasses
  • Wrap the roof vents, which emit odor
  • Install screens for doors and windows open the doors if necessary
  • Use low-power lights, if extra lighting is not needed
  • Eradicate excess moisture areas like drainage water, standing water, etc
  • Keep bag or bottle traps outside the building to reduce the population of insects
  • Place lures over the sticky traps to watch the activities of insects
  • Inspect the incoming shipments for larvae and eggs before entering the building
  • Add insect traps like ribbons, sticky cards, or lures to reduce or monitor the adult flying insects

Set up rodent baits, insect traps, and screens to control the pests. Also, use pesticides and spray pesticides 3 times a week. Use pressurized steamers to kill eggs and bugs to kill the vacuum escaped insects.

Educate everyone in the office about the importance of maintaining a fly-free office. Display the rules of using restrooms to dispose of garbage and others. Also, ask co-workers to examine their house to make sure that they are not conscientious of the threat.

Gather information of the stores that offer high-quality commercial fly screens within your budget, choose the best one, and order today to maintain a safe, and tidy environment.