Essential Utilities Services for Industry


We enjoy a developed infrastructure here in the UK, which includes state of the art utility connection and management services and if you are planning to build a new warehouse or renovate that barn and turn it into a workshop, you will need the services of such a provider.

Here are just a few of the utility-based services that a leading UK provider would offer.

  • Directional drilling – When you want to lay pipes or cables under the ground, directional drilling is the ideal solution. The system can bypass water sources, railways and roads and with a tailored approach, your utilities will be safely routed.
  • Water – Obviously an essential requirement for any industry, call in an expert and they can design the ideal system that supplies you with the water you need. If you would like a free survey to establish the best way to connect you to water, simply Google ‘utility contractors’ and that will bring you a list of providers.
  • Communications – Whatever your requirements, enlist the help of a telecommunications specialist and for an agreed fee, they can set up your networks, installing equipment and testing for security.
  • Electricity – Cable supplying and laying is a speciality for the established utility service provider, who has all the heavy plant required to channel and excavate. Plus, they are all industry-approved and can handle any type of electrical system; powering your business at all times.
  • Clean & Renewable Energy – All industry needs to be moving into solar and wind power, which offer a permanent solution to the pollution problem. In a few years, we can finally shut down those fossil fuel burning power stations and that is well-overdue. If you would like a survey carried out to see how feasible it is to use solar energy to power your business, Google will help you find the right solar power specialist.
  • Pipelines – If you need pipeline services, contact a specialist utilities provider who has the know-how and the resources to get the job done. Above ground oil storage tanks can be connected to custom pipelining to feed your plant and the contractor handles repairs and maintenance, which are part and parcel of the nature of the operation.

Whatever your utility requirements in the UK, there are specialist contractors with a wealth of hands-on experience with all of the above and they love a challenge. Once you have a sound infrastructure, your plant will be able to operate to optimum speeds and should there every be any utility issues, you are covered.