Flies – What Attracts Them to Your Home


Flies get attracted to many things inside the house. The common seasons when you can find flies at home are fall months, summertime, and springtime. If you do not take care of the flies on time, then you might end up experiencing major fly infestation in your home.

If you notice one or two flies buzzing around in your home, then you must take care of them in the time being. The best way of keeping the flies at bay is with the installation of insect mesh in your house. You can take the help of UK Flyscreens services. They are an experienced fly screens service and can help you with your issue. Visit their webpage to know more.

What Attracts Flies into Your Home

Here are some of the things that attract flies into your home. 

  • Coating and bottom of the drains filled with the unchecked scums
  • Attics and walls filled with the animal carcasses
  • Openly left containers of alcohol and spilled soda

Other things that attract flies to your home are listed below. 

  • Heat 

Building heat radiated by the walls normally attracts flies. Flies like it when they get a warm environment for breeding.

  • Bird Dropping 

Some of the species of flies like breeding in the excreta of birds. If you feel like you have a bird dropping issue in your home, then it can also become a major reason for fly attraction to your house.

  • Light 

Flies get majorly attracted to light. You might have noticed many buildings having some insect light fly traps installed around them. UV bulbs have a major role to play in the attraction of flies towards the light.

  • Uncovered Garbage Cans 

Garbage cans are the home of decaying organic matter. Even though you keep the routine of taking out the garbage cans periodically, you might have left behind some of the crumbs here and there. If you leave the trash unattended for longer days, then there are higher chances of organic matter getting decayed resulting in attracting flies.

  • Unchecked Animal Dropping 

Most people love to have a pet in their house. Pets mean droppings in the house and urination in your yard. Even though you thoroughly clean the house, you might have missed a few dropping off your pet here and there. Such unattended faeces can attract flies.

  • Old and Fermenting Fruits 

Most of the time we leave behind some fruits just like that. Unattended fruits for longer days can end up making the fruits get fermented, which in turn can attract flies into your home.

Sit on Humans

Even though they have been swatted away, killed, hurt, brushed away, etc., flies still prefer roaming around you. This is because of many reasons such as the sweaty odour, oil application on your hair and body during the massage, and so on.

House flies are the commonly seen flies that attack the house and other such buildings. The best way of keeping them at bay is by preventing these above-mentioned things from happening in your home.

Let us know how to take care and to get rid of flies on patio. There are several ways that you can do this, but the most effective ones require you to use fly traps.