Get to Understand the Signs When Your Refrigerator Is Dying


How will you know when your refrigerator is dying or you should call a technician to repair it? At times, it is obvious, but sometimes there is no clear indication. At first instance, you may not even understand that there is a problem.

You will be shocked to know that it costs somewhere around 250$ to 350$ for a refrigerator to repair it. Hence, if your refrigerator is not working properly, it is better to go for a new one rather than wasting money on a old one. Here we will discuss few signs that your refrigerator is on the deathbed:

Food getting spoiled before the expiry date

If you notice that your food is going bad even before the mentioned expiry date, it is a sign that your refrigeration is not working properly. At the first attempt, check the temperature settings. It is recommended that you must keep it at optimal level, between 37 degrees to 41 degrees. However, if the problem persists you must check if the door seals are proper or not.

Sometimes, the seals lose its grip and the temperature imbalance interferes with the food. The good news is that it is cheaper to replace the seal than replace the refrigeration unit. Refrigerateur LFXS28566S is the most common model, which people use in most of the households. If you are looking for this seal, you can easily get it online. Moreover, it is also compatible with few high-end models, but checks it thoroughly before you buy.

Your freezer is getting too cold

This might be the most common sign of your refrigerator becoming faulty. As per the electrical guidelines, the temperature should always remain at zero degree Celsius, if it is going below and the freezing is too cold, it is a sign that something is going wrong.

Moreover, old freezers are affected by frost build up and you have to clear them manually. First check the seal if it is proper because when warm air gets in, the freezer over compensates to keep your food chilled. Call a technician if required to get professional help.

Your electricity bill skyrockets

This is the most common sign to understand that your refrigerator has gone bad. You will notice abrupt splurge in electricity bills. This happens mainly because of the faulty gasket such as evaporator, condenser, thermostats etc as all these are working hard to keep up and, in the process, consuming more energy.