Getting to Know the Plumbing Facts that Can Make or Break the Bathroom Remodel


Is a homeowner considering remodeling his bathroom into the oasis of his dreams? If yes, he should get a handle on the bathroom’s plumbing. Even if an individual can’t see the pipes connected to the shower or sink, understanding how they work can help renovate the bathroom correctly. One must hire professional annapolis plumbers if a new bathroom layout involves installing new drains or pipes. This article states a few crucial facts that can make or break a bathroom remodel project.

  • Plumbing can Affect the Bathroom’s Layout

The existing water and drain lines in a bathroom determine the fixtures’ location in the renovation. A homeowner can move pipes and drains, and even though it will cost some bucks, it might be impossible to do some relocations.

For instance, an individual might plan to place a new large tub next to the bathroom window. But if piping doesn’t allow for this specific configuration, he will have to rethink the entire layout. Therefore, before investing in any fixture connecting to a pipe, a homeowner should discuss with professional annapolis plumbers what’s feasible.

  • Watch Out for Water Pressure

National Pipe Thread is a U.S. standard size for the fittings that connect rigid pipes like shower heads to shower arm pipes. It means that if one is replacing a shower head, most available fixtures will fit the existing pipe. However, this new shower head might not work with the existing water pressure.

Many homeowners often overlook the water pressure of their homes and buy bathroom accessories that won’t work with existing plumbing. Therefore, they should know their home’s water pressure and adjust it to remodel the bathroom.

The low water pressure might be due to clogged pipes that could be unclogged. If the water pressure is too high, consider installing a pressure-reducing valve.

  • Take a Look at the Water Heater

A bathroom remodel might also require replacing the water heater. Usually, water heaters can last for about 10 years. A homeowner can either buy on-demand heaters or conventional water heaters. They should know that on-demand heaters can cost three times more than conventional ones.

  • Support

Free-standing tubs or some shower configurations might need additional support. Depending on the materials used in designing the shower configuration, like natural stone, the shower tends to be heavy. Furthermore, natural stone, wood, and cast iron are used for free-standing tubs.

Homeowners might need to reinforce the floor joists to support the weight of the tub or shower. In such a case, the plumber might find it difficult to hook up the pipes and, thus, might have to adjust the design.


Bathroom remodeling can be a challenging task. However, since everyone spends much time in bathrooms, getting the job right the first time makes sense. Professional annapolis plumbers very well know all these plumbing facts and, thus, plan the project accordingly. These professionals will study the existing plumbing system of the homeowner’s bathroom and curate the remodeling plan accordingly. Moreover, they will make every possible effort to prevent more wear and tear, helping individuals save on remodeling costs.

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