Golf Course Playing Etiquette and Essential Equipment


New golfers need to learn a lot about golfing ranging from rules to basic etiquette to practice when on the course. It takes some time to learn everything but with some practice at the golf course, it becomes easy and quick. However, first, you will need to invest in some gear to play at the golf course and practice in your backyard.

Golf equipment to invest in

Golf clubs

The first thing beginners find confusing is the variety of golf clubs. If you have all types of golf clubs, then visit the blog to understand the difference and when players use each one. In general, an athlete’s golf bag has 14 golf clubs that are individually chosen. A standard set includes a 2-wood & 3-wood, a driver, a hybrid, a sand wedge, various irons, a putter, and a pitching wedge.

Golf bag

The second huge investment is buying a golf bag. If you prefer walking on the course, then choose something lightweight but if you will ride a cart then take advantage and buy something with lots of room for other gear besides golf clubs.

Distance finders

You can choose between a laser range finder and a GPS watch.

Golf shoes

Golf shoes are crucial if you desire to complete the round strongly. Bad pair can tire you fast. Besides, if the weather is wet then feet can feel miserable. Wear waterproof shoes and carry good umbrellas that can handle the heavy winds out there.

For practice indoor or in the backyard at home

  • Golf simulators
  • Golf practice net
  • Golf mat

Essential golf accessories

  • Divot tool
  • Retractable club brush
  • Golf balls
  • Golf tees
  • Blister tape

Golf course playing etiquettes

  • You hit an ideal shot on the green. A birdie chance is expected, but before you start lining up the putt, repair your ball mark. Perfect shots leave a ball mark, which if ignored or not repaired properly will scar the putting surface. Always carry the repair tool and properly repair the ball marks.
  • Golfers need to care about maintenance staff that toils on the course. The job is tough and it is their efforts that golfers can enjoy a playing surface that otherwise would not exist. Allow the staff to finish their work when you share the course. Never hit a green if the staff is working around or if the flag is pulled. Be gentle and patient on the course. Ensure that the staff knows that you are taking a hit in their direction.
  • Raking footprints or disturbance in a sand bunker is against golf course etiquette. It can create difficulty for a golfer that will play after you. Enter and exit the sand bunkers on the low side to avoid damaging the grass.
  • Carts are for convenience but they can damage the course. To reduce the cart traffic impact, avoid abrupt starts, turns, and stops. This can harm the grass. Stay away from puddled or water-logged surfaces or very dry grass areas. Adhere to the traffic control signs and ropes or specific cart policies of the golf course you play.

Now that you know about what you need to play golf, enjoy golfing to the fullest.