How Can You Control Squirrel Damage Around Your Home?


In any natural environment, it will be nice to observe these squirrels that can be very cute and also amusing to watch their movement. However, when they will invade your homes, then they can destroy your landscaping, eat vegetation, and also scare any desirable birds, and suddenly their antics may become less entertaining.

As such squirrels may not be dangerous but they can carry certain diseases, e.g. rabies. Many remedies can prevent squirrel damage, however, the success often needs persistence. You may also take the help of pest control Manchester to drive them away from your property.

What kind of damages caused by a squirrel?

Squirrels come from the same family that of other rodents like rats and mice, and they also can cause a similar kind of damage. If any of these damages are seen, then you need to act so that they are removed from your property.

  • Building materials damage
  • Chewed wiring
  • Dug up gardens
  • Gnawed furniture
  • Posing certain risks to humans

How can you protect your property from squirrel damage

It is necessary that you must discourage squirrels from entering your property through certain physical methods:

  1. Trim all the branches that may be touching your house or reaching within 6’ of any of your exterior portion.
  2. Try to prevent squirrels to travel along the utility lines by calling the utility service provider to place PVC pipe just over the wireline. If ever any animal attempts to run across the wire then the pipe may rotate.
  3. Cover all your chimneys and vents by using a mesh screen for preventing squirrels, or any other wildlife.

How can you protect your plants from squirrels

You can try to protect your trees and fruit by wrapping all the trunks by using metal sheeting for creating a band, which is 6’ long. You must keep the sheeting a little loose for allowing for the proper growth of your tree.

In case any of the branches of the tree come within 6’ of a building, power line, fence, or any other trees, then this technique may not be very effective, because squirrels will just jump from any nearby structure onto the tree.

Fencing can be a good option to keep squirrels away from gardens. Usually, squirrels hate to climb on any plastic garden netting. By using a 4’ tall fence of plastic material will be sufficient, however, make sure that you bury the netting a few inches inside the ground for preventing them from digging from underneath.

One more option will be, erecting wire fencing that is made of 1” mesh of minimum 30” high. To provide additional protection. You may extend this fencing 6” below the ground, then 6” outward for preventing burrowing. You can also discourage climbing if necessary, by including a certain electrified strand above the ground for just a few inches and about 3” above the fence.

For protecting bulbs, place 1” wire mesh just over the newly planted bulbs, then cover it by using a mulch. Also, nonfood bulbs can be soaked in as squirrel repellent before you plant.