How Much Water is Enough: Check out Filter Benefits


According to scientific research, our bodies are approximately sixty percent of water. Another common knowledge is that we should drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

The question is whether this particular information comes with a scientific background or not. Of course, staying hydrated is vital, but it depends on the individual factors, so we cannot generalize and say that everyone should drink the same amount of water to maintain the overall health.

We decided to present you evidence-based benefits of consuming plenty of water to maintain perfect health along the way.

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1.Improve the Physical Performance

The general rule states that low hydration will affect your physical performance, and that is a fact that you need to remember. It happens because as we workout, we tend to lose the fluids through sweating, especially during the high heat combined with intense exercise.

Dehydration could lead to severe side effects, especially if you lose two percent of your body’s content. Athletes tend to lose ten percent of their water weight through sweat, which is why you need to compensate through hydration.

This particular problem could create severe issues and other symptoms that may reduce your wellbeing.

The common signs of dehydration include reduced motivation, inability to control the body’s temperature, increased fatigue, and inability to handle working out both mentally and physically.

Hydration is the best way to prevent these side effects, especially since the lack of water will reduce the levels of oxygen within your blood, which may lead to oxidative stress.

Since muscles feature eighty percent of water, you need to replenish your strength and body by consuming liquids all the time.

The body tends to regulate the temperature by sweating during the workout, which is why you will need to compensate for the amount you lose so that you can increase the overall efficiency.

2.Hydration Affects Brain Function and Energy Levels

Without proper hydration, you will create severe issues for your brain. According to studies, mild dehydration could impair your brain function, which is a problematic situation.

One study has analyzed young women that had lost one percent of fluids after exercise, which impaired both concentration and mood afterward. Another common problem is a headache, which tends to happen due to this particular situation.

Other studies have shown that young men that entered the point of losing 1.5% of body fluids had issues with concentration, working memory, which leads to fatigue and anxiety as well as other mental issues.

When a person with 150 pounds loses between one and three percent of fluids, it means approximately between one and five pounds of it.

Remember that this particular situation can happen during the daily activities, uniquely if you’re combining high-intensity workout during the hot summer days.

It is way better to consume purified liquids by using a proper water filter that will protect your overall health.

Generally, other studies have shown that adults and children that have shown mild signs of dehydration had lack of typical brain performance. They felt anxious and with the inability to concentrate until they handled the problem by consuming fluids.

3.Drinking Fluids Will Aid The Weight Loss

We are not saying that you can sit all day, drink water, and wait for the pounds to go away magically.

However, if you combine the intake with the cardio and strength exercises, you will boost the metabolism levels, which will help you reduce the fat percentage and lose weight in the long run.

Numerous studies have shown that drinking two liters of water daily will help you increase the overall energy expenditure, which is vital for maintaining the overall weight.

It will also help you reduce the signs of obesity. We recommend you drink it half an hour before each meal so that you can increase the overall efficiency. That way, you will eat less, which will aid you in the weight loss regiment.

4.Hydration is Essential For Kidney Health

Even though drinking impure and hard water is one of the leading causes that lead to kidney stones, liquids are essential for maintaining the proper urinary function.

By reading this resource:, you will understand the previous idea that we’ve mentioned.

Water will help you prevent the formation of stones, but you need to find ways to filter and purify it.

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