How To Maintain Natural Granite Stone?


It is often recommended for other natural stones, like travertine, to apply a waterproofing agent just after laying to protect it against stains. The material’s porosity explains this precaution to be taken because a little spilled sauce can stain it, even if it is always possible to find solutions—granite _ stubborn stains.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an old one, installing a granite countertop in your kitchen should be a top priority. If you’re already spending on your home, you might as well have the best of the best in the kitchen, the room that’s the heart and soul of every home. Granite is an upscale addition to any kitchen or bathroom. It has strong strength and can give any home a refreshing look.

It is also more resistant to acidity. This is one of the reasons pet owners love it. Vomiting; with the gastric acidity that this supposes, it is quite possible to quickly clean a granite floor without having an indelible trace of this incident. However, it is always advisable to clean natural stones with mild products. Therefore, it is wise to forget overly abrasive cleaners and turn to black soap or a specific cleaner for natural stones.

As a cleaning accessory, a soft broom is perfect with a clean water rinse. If the stone is highly resistant, the joints may not appreciate the passage of a pressure washer. The only recommendation, take a garden hose to remove all traces of soap. In the absence of black soap, soda crystals can be used in hot water, provided you rinse thoroughly.

What Is Granite?

Granite Carrara Mist Quartz for example is an igneous rock; that is, it is formed from magma that cooled and solidified. This rock mainly consists of quartz and feldspar, but it can contain other minerals such as mica or amphiboles. Granite is mined, often by the use of explosives. The raw blocks are then transported to factories, where they are cut into slabs of various thicknesses before being polished on all their surfaces.

Granite like in Granite Selection for instance is a noble rock, always prized for the construction of buildings, bridges, and other works, as well as for the creation of statues and works of art. It can take various colors depending on its chemical composition, and among the most common colors are the famous anthracite gray, blue, brown, pink, and red. In the home, it is mainly used in kitchens. Note that it is possible to configure your granite worktop directly online by choosing the type of granite you want and specifying its dimensions, finishes, type, and some splashbacks.