How To Make A Modern Log House/Wood House?


Making your own house is a dream come true. Almost all of us have our own vision of having a home that extends the beauty we believe in. Close to nature and full of textural inspiration, it is indeed a struggle to design and implement a construction process especially when there is so much of love and care involved.

One of the most popular choices with people is the log homes. Specially crafted with the idea of wood logs around the roofs, floors, exteriors and interiors of the houses the logs provide texture and warmth to the house. And in these lines are the perfect partner for people to make their homes easier.

Complete home designing with turn-key projects

The turn key projects are the ones where the professionals at frontier homes take care of the entire building up of the log house. Right from the management of construction needs to crafting the log designs and implementing on the house – these professionals manage the house on the entirety with guidance from you. They make it easier for the owners to guide it all while the dedicated professionals work endlessly into completing the project as per the demands of the owners.

Accentuation of corners with logs

Some people just like to accentuate their house with a little wooden detail. And choosing log comes as a natural choice. Due to its beautiful texture and warmth, the logs lend in a very natural yet subtle look. These include highlighting the roof area with the logs or just covering up a section of the house with logs. Sometimes it is also about converting a single room or the dining space with log decoration. These projects are worked on with the inputs of the contractor and the professionals craft the design as per the needs on the site.

Making your wood house

A log house is an additional setting of logs on a basic construction structure. Here one can choose to go entirely on a wooden look making even 3500+ square feet spacious house of logs. The shine and gravity of the logs gives it a grand look. This includes the construction of the log structure on the site in line with the construction of the base of the house. Slowly the parts are assembled and made into a complete house!

If you want to break the modern house norms and want to go back to the rusty vintage feel of the wooden houses all your life – log house designers make it all easy for you!