Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Perennial Plants


Perennial flowers bloom every year. This means you don’t have to purchase new plants every year as you do with annual plants. Perennial flowers mostly bloom for two to four weeks; however, the foliage can remain into late fall. If you decide to plant perennials in your garden, you must know which ones to choose. To make the right choice, it is important to consider the following:

Kind of Soil

The kind of soil in your area will determine the vivaces you can plant. Most perennials grow in well-drained soil. You must find the type of soil that doesn’t stay wet for long. Also, you must learn the growing stages of these plants before you plant them. A soil tester will help you determine the type of soil you have in your area.

When You Want the Plant to Flower

While the majority of gardeners don’t spend a lot of time on their garden until the days get lighter and warmer, you want to at least know when you want your garden to flower. If you have limited gardening space, you must avoid picking early spring flowering perennials.

Your Preferred Colours

Perennials are available in a variety of colours. But, you may want to choose those that match the exterior design of your home.

Plant Health

Just like when picking any type of plant, you don’t want to choose those that have live insects or foliage diseases because they might start a more serious issue on plants already growing in your garden. Often, a broken stem or an oddly bent leaf indicates slight damage during shipping and this won’t generally cause any long-term issues. Before you plant the perennial plant in your garden, remove any moss, liverwort, or other weeds in the pot first.


If you choose your favourite kind of perennials, you must understand that they come in all shapes and sizes. The short types spread all over and the tall ones can grace the back of a border. Thus, these plants grow at various rates. When making a choice, pick one that suits your needs.

When shopping for perennials, do it in late summer when prices are decreased. Get your plants in the ground six weeks or more before the first frost. The soil in fall is still warm and welcoming and the fall rains can help water in your new plants. Depending on how serious your winter will be, you may want to cut back any new growth and mulch before the cold weather strikes.

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