Plan To Launch Your DIY Décor Blog? Select The Right Hosting!


Designing a home improvement, or interior design blog, can be tricky. These are websites that rely heavily on images and visual content, and the design needs to accommodate these requirements. If you have figured out how to make your own website, the next step is to find a hosting plan and a domain name. A website is nothing but a collection of files, and these files must be stored somewhere. That’s where the hosting provider comes in the picture. You may find many posts on how to use “free hosting”, but don’t fall for these gimmicks. At the least, you will have to pay for shared hosting. In this post, we are discussing more on how to select the right hosting plan and provider.

Look for the basics

There are two kinds of hosting – shared and dedicated. If you are low on budget and are just testing your website initially, you can consider shared hosting, where the website will be sharing space with other websites on the same server. Most hosting providers will offer different packages, depending on what you are looking for. You can find packages that host single domain or multiple domains, but things that need more attention are disk space, transfer rate, and email account. You want to have unmetered domain, disk space at the least with unlimited email accounts, which can be assigned to website managers. Check if you can get a free SSL Certificate with the package, and if not, consider getting one. Free Dedicated IP and easy installation are other aspects to take note.

Finding a hosting provider

There are all kinds of hosting providers, and we suggest that you consider either Bluehost or HostGator. Both are reliable names and are great in terms of customer service, and you can expect to find different packages to suit your requirements. Look for 100% uptime when you look for providers, which ensures that your website will be accessible at all times. Shared hosting is not a bad idea, especially with known providers, and as the website grows and you need more bandwidth and expect more traffic, you can always move to dedicated hosting.

WordPress and home improvement blogs

Once you have selected the hosting plan, make sure that you select the right CMS. We strongly recommend that you consider WordPress for home improvement and décor blogs, because sites built with WordPress are very easy to manage.

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