Practical Tips To Maintain A Lawn: A Quick Guide


The lawn is one of the primary features of residential ground development. When it comes to the home garden, a well-maintained lawn can improve the house’s appearance, increase convenience, enhance its beauty, and boost the property’s value. The lawn provides a perfect setting for a border shrubbery, flower bed, or specimen tree shrub. A gardener should know that around 75% of the garden’s beauty depends on lawn maintenance. This article sheds light on various aspects of proper lawn maintenance.

  • Weeding the Lawn

One of the most crucial aspects of appropriate lawn maintenance is controlling weeds. Without proper care, the weeds will not take long enough to overcome the lawn grass, making the soil sick and the grass coarse. Therefore, to protect the soil and grass, gardeners should use the necessary tools to remove all weeds with the roots.

  • Rolling a Lawn

Rolling a lawn mainly aims to help the grass anchor itself securely and level the surface. Experts say sandy soil rolling after each weeding session will significantly help. One lawn maintenance Orlando tip that gardeners should remember is not to roll a lawn when the ground is wet. One can find multiple types of rollers to maintain their lawns in the market.

  • Mowing the Lawn

Pruning or mowing the lawn is another vital tip to maintaining the lawn. How often an individual should mow his lawn depends on how much grass grows and varies from season to season. Homeowners should remember that the ideal length of the grass is 5-6 cm, regardless of the season. Investing in a suitable machine capable of cutting grass evenly at the correct height is better.

  • Sweeping and Watering the Lawn

Sweeping the lawn after each mowing session is essential to eliminate trimmed grass, fallen leaves, or other debris. When watering the lawn, remember to irrigate it lightly after frequent intervals rather than flooding it after long breaks. For instance, in winter, homeowners can bring winter dew into the grass by drawing the hosepipe over the grass before evaporation of the dew.

  • Scraping and Raking of the Lawn

The lower part of an old lawn is prone to get matted and woody alongside the formation of a hard crust. For such lawns, scraping the grass at the ground level using a sickle is advisable. In addition, don’t forget to follow the scraping by raking to break the crust. If the lawn’s condition is good, complex, and thorough, carry out raking to loosen the old runners and aerate the soil.


The grass is considered one of the hardiest perennial herbs, and lawn maintenance in Orlando is not much difficult. A homeowner should take the necessary care to maintain a lawn. And if an individual doesn’t have enough time or tools to maintain his lawn, it’s better to contact a professional contractor delivering lawn maintenance service. These professionals will know multiple tips and have the tools required to maintain residential lawns. Homeowners can subscribe to a lawn maintenance package for frequent lawn maintenance services.

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