Preventing Mold Growth after a Flood


There are many ways water damage can take place. Mold growth is one of the most common water damage you may have to deal with after a flood or leak inside your home. Professional water removal is vital to protect your house from mold growth. Check out to hire the removal services. But, as a homeowner, there are ways you can prevent mold growth after a flood. They include:

Determine what Caused the Water Damage

There are many sources of water throughout your home. You must locate the source of your water leak right away to prevent future mold damage. In case the flood was due to a fixture such as a toilet or faucet, turn off the water main to stop the water flow. Often, you can find the water main outside your house. Also, water damage can also be caused by structural damage from a natural disaster or a storm. If your roof has been affected by water damage, you must wait until the storm has cleared before you try to deal with your roof issues.

Decrease Water Levels

After finding and stopping the flow of water through your house, you must remove excess water. You will need a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to do this job. However, be mindful of the location of your electrical outlets when using the equipment to avoid accidents. Do not run any electronic devices including the wet-vac in flooded areas because they can be electrical hazards. You can deal with smaller floods by using a mop or towels.

Discard Damaged Items

Waterlogged items such as linens, rugs, carpets, and fabric furniture are quite susceptible to mold formation. It is not easy to remove the water from your fabrics and cushions so you must discard these items to prevent mold growth.

Also, standing water in your house can contribute to the formation of mold in your walls. Often, insulation and drywall are removed after a leak or flood since it is hard to remove water from them. You can treat the wood frame and supports depending on how long they have been exposed to standing water. Make sure to replace wood that cannot be repaired anymore to prevent structural failure and mold growth.

Hiring remediation professionals means you are letting the experts remove standing water and soaked materials inside your house. Also, these professionals will treat your house for mold using industrial strength chemicals effectively and safely to prevent a future outbreak.