Reasons You Should Hire a Cleaning Service When You Move



An average person moves their home over 10 times in their life. It’s a move that changes your life, challenges you in many ways, and should be one filled with excitement. However, more often people are stressed while moving homes, and for good reason. Cleaning is a big task that doesn’t let you focus on the other important stuff when you move homes. That’s why it’s best to search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to reduce your burden. Let’s check out why you should hire a cleaning service when you move:

The Reasons

  1. Cut down on stress – When you’re moving out of your home, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning. You can’t leave behind an unhygienic and dirty home. If you own the home that makes selling the property very difficult. If your previous home was a rented property, it will get you in unnecessary arguments with the property owner.

However, with all the packing and organizing, and logistic plans, it’s difficult to make time for cleaning. It ends up at the bottom of the priority list. Unless you’re one of those rare people who enjoy vacuuming carpets, wiping floors, and cleaning windows, it’s going to be very stressful to finish those chores before moving out. Stress leads to mistakes and ruins your moving experience. Hiring a move-out cleaning service solves that issue.

  1. You’ll get the deposit back from the landlord – As mentioned before, if you’re a renter you really don’t want to leave a dirty home behind. When you move out of your home, the landlord is going to come to get the keys and inspect the property or send a person to do that job. When they see the mess, you leave behind, you’re going to get into an argument, and they may refuse to give you a recommendation letter for renting other homes.

Without a recommendation letter, finding a new home is going to be very difficult. Moreover, the landlord would also refuse to refund the deposit money or at least a portion of it. They have the perfect excuse to withhold more than they need to get their property cleaned and ready for new renters. It’s better to do your research and hire a cleaning service at reasonable rates.

  1. Save a lot of time and energy – When you’re moving home, you’ll need a lot of money, time, and energy. While you may save enough money, you may not have the time and energy to spend after a stressful and tiring work week and all the packing. You’ll also spend a lot of time talking to the landlord of the new home, sorting the paperwork, transferring utilities, and saying goodbye to friends and family.

Your time and energy are limited, and you don’t need to waste it on cleaning. That’s why it’s best to hire a decent cleaning service who’ll take care of those time-consuming and tiring cleaning chores. They’ll also do a better job at cleaning, all while being out of your way.

  1. You won’t need to rush – Moving home involves plenty of activities and items. Clutter needs to be sorted and all your belongings need to be organized and packed. It’s easy to miss a thing or two when there are so many things to do. It’s worse when you do things in a rush and forget to clean certain places or miss a few things or two that may affect your lease termination inspection. Leave the cleaning to a professional cleaning service so that you leave a flawless home behind and leave no excuse for the landlord.
  1. Moving out is expensive – Moving out is very expensive. You know how things add up. Those pesky damages, smudges on surfaces, or a bit of grease left under the kitchen counter. Hiring a move-out cleaning service helps you get rid of those worries. They are also quick to clean your home and you don’t end up missing the rental deadline. This saves you money that would have been spent on late fees or those pesky unclean places that qualify as “damages”.

A professionally cleaned home will also make a stellar impression on the agent or landlord and give them a better impression of you as a renter. You won’t have any trouble getting the deposit back and the landlord may also write some extra good things about you in the letter of recommendation. So even if you spend around $100 for a move-out cleaning service, you’ll get plenty of benefits and a big sum of money in the form of a full deposit refund.

  1. You’ll get a better selling price – If you’re the homeowner, you want to hire a cleaning service while moving out to leave a hygienic home that looks the best possible. A clean property is easier to sell or rent to new owners. Your agent won’t have a difficult time upselling your property when it’s in prime condition and doesn’t have marks on the carpet or smudges on the windows.

You’ll also be able to get a higher price while selling your home. A professional cleaning service adds value to the property. Buyers are quick to write you a check and pay more when you have a well-kept home.

  1. You lose fewer work hours – Even if you plan it out for months and move out at the start of the weekend, you may get behind schedule and may have to take more paid leaves from your work. When you hire a move-out cleaning service, you get more time for taking care of other important things and may even be ahead of schedule. That means you get back to work quickly and lose less money.


A move-out cleaning service brings plenty of benefits. It can reduce stress; you don’t need to worry about leaving a dirty home behind or need to be in a rush. When it’s time to move out, search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire a reputed cleaning service near you.