Should You Consider Replacing The Old Air Conditioning System? Find Here!


Most homeowners don’t realize the need for new air conditioners, unless there is a complete breakdown. Buying a new centralized air conditioning system can be an expensive investment, and people prefer deferring the purchase as long as possible. Older air conditioners are prone to problems, and when there are new systems with better features, why should you continue using the ones that are out of date and are likely to require more repairs? Before you go ahead and compare Lennox vs Trane models and check for other details, we take a look at the tell-a-tale signs of when you must consider replacing older air conditioners.

  • The unit is having a tough time cooling your home. Most air conditioning units don’t really function optimally after the first decade, and the foremost sign is lack of effective cooling. You may also find that that the unit is taking a much longer time to cool a room. It may come to a point when the product will stop producing cool air completely.
  • Servicing and repairs don’t seem enough. If you have repaired old models for more than three times and the same issues and cooling problems crop up time and again, you must consider replacement. Repairs of older units can be expensive, especially for models that are more than ten years old as the replacement parts are not available easily. Servicing can prolong the life of an air conditioning unit, but at some point, buying a new one becomes a necessity.
  • There are strange noises and odd smells. Older air conditioning units often tend to emit odd and foul smells. In some cases, air duct cleaning may help to some extent, but in most cases, it’s related to the main unit. If the AC is making more noise than usual, you can get it checked, but there isn’t much you can do about extreme old models.

Increased energy bills

One of the prime reasons why homeowners replace old air conditioning systems is because of increasing energy bills. Today, we have invertor ACs and models with variable-speed compressors, which are much more energy efficient and are rated high on SEER. You can also reduce the costs paid on energy bills per month considerably with Energy Star -rated air conditioning units.

Check online and find the best models, and ensure that you hire the right team for installation, after you have an estimate of course.