Should You Consider Water Features at Workplace?


Any kind of water features like decorative fountains can certainly offer few benefits to your workplace environment.

There is no doubt that by providing such components at the workplace you can create a visual interest and also reduce stress, which may certainly lead to better productivity.

However, adding luxury fountains can have certain risks too.

Keeping calm

Any water feature can provide visual stimulation as well as soothing sound. Continuous movement of water becomes eye-catching and can hold the attention of viewers.

All these actions can easily distract the mind of viewer from various stressful issues in their workplace environment.

Indoor water feature

Fountains featuring movement of water can produce running-water sound which can produce calming effect and also can cover sound of your office environment.

This is called as white noise that can help in reducing stress caused due to various sound of phones, office machines and conversations.

Attract attention

Any fountain in workplace can become an attractive place to gather during break. Any specially designed water fountain with company logo can also serve as effective marketing tools for the company.

Adding space for seating or viewing around the fountain can add attraction.

Water wall cascade

Often many people like to throw coins into the fountain to wish for luck. These coins are dedicated for certain charitable cause and can provide employees or visitors with certain sense of charity and influence them to support a good cause.

Better air

All the moving water present in the fountain will allow some water to get evaporated into the air. Due to this, certain amount of humidity will be created in the air which can improve the quality of air of the workplace.

Cascading urn

Few fountain designs enclose all the water movement and reduce evaporation and limits the water to be added to air. Air conditioning professionals also must be consulted along with fountain designers to decide best water feature meant for your office.


Often the water fountain in the surrounding may pose certain safety hazard. In case the water feature has an open pool, then there must provision that can prevent children to enter accidentally.

Water features, based on amount of water can sometime be quite heavy. So, check about total projected weight that the water feature will carry ensures that it may not exceed your floor’s load capacity.

Even leakage may also create safety hazard as water leaking can cause damage in the surrounding area of the fountain and can create few liability concerns for the fountain owners.