Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?


Often it is difficult to decide, when you must replace your expensive appliances. However, as far as water heater of your home is concerned, it will be easier to decide when to replace your water heater by considering following few key points.

  • Water heater’s age

Usually water heaters can last for 10 years and any tankless water heater can last 20+ years.

Therefore, if the water heater Houston is too old then it will be wise to immediately replace rather than repairing especially if the repair cost is too high. You certainly will not prefer to put new engine in an old car.

Same is the case with major repair of water heater which is near its end of life.

  • Increased bills for water heating

Do you need to turn your shower dial further to get same temperature water? That means the water heater has turned less energy efficient, so it works longer to get same results, and as a result you get higher energy bills.

If water heater takes up almost 14% of the total energy bill, then it is too inefficient that you can’t ignore. Therefore, it is better to replace the heater rather than bearing the high energy bill.

  • Frequency and cost of repair

In case, your water heater ever breaks down, then always analyze to determine whether repairing will be a smarter choice.

If the repair cost is 50% of the cost of your new heater then it is much better to replace the heater than repairing it.

If the heater cost is not even 50% of the cost of a new heater then check the frequency of its repair.

In case your heater breaks down too often in a year and you have to spend again and again for its repair then it is worth considering about new heater instead of repairing it again.

  • Weigh all the factors together

There is no doubt that upgrading of a heater will cost lots of money but at the same time frequent repair cost and failure of heater can also be a hassle.

In case the water heater has become too old and found to be too less energy efficient, then it is better to upgrade it rather than living with it.

Having gone through the above post you can very well decode when you should go for repair and when you must decide to replace your heater.