Three things to avoid when home gardening


Vegetable gardening is becoming the new hobby that most homeowners love but it comes with its own ups and downs. Great home gardening means having the right tools, seeds and gardening supplies to allow for smooth gardening session. You can shop for these gardening tools and supplies from les vivaces stores online to save both your money and time on the great deals offered by these internet stores. For successful gardening, a lot of factors have to be considered but the following blunders should be avoided at all costs.

Poor spacing

There are gardens that look neat from a far with proper spacing between each row of plants. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, you should practice plant spacing to give every planta chance to flourish. Congestion in your farm not only makes it look wild and confused but also chokes the growth of other vegetables in the garden. You must also choose carefully the vegetables to plant to avoid overcrowding your garden with everything you find.

Ignoring maintenance demands

One thing that your garden will always demand of you is attention. Any negligence in maintenance can have adverse side effects on the growth and productivity of the plants in your garden. You must have weeding plans, feeding plans and watering schemes to ensure your vegetables have the best care in the garden for the best produce. Once you allow weeds to flourish and worse yet fail to tackle pesticides and other regular farm problems, it becomes almost impossible to get a reasonable yield. Check out various gardening solutions online to avoid getting loss for effort and resources invested in your home garden.

No perimeter wall or fence

Unfortunately, being the gardener does not mean you will be the only one enjoying the produce in your farm. A lot of external factors like rodents and livestock have to be considered as they find garden produce delicious too. It can be great waste of your efforts to fail to harvest anything due to rodents and livestock problem. Fencing or setting a perimeter wall for your home garden can be a great trick to ensure that you and your family are the only authorized benefactors of what is growing in the garden.


Gardening is not as easy as it may sound, without the right care your project can easily be a failure. Once you notice you have insufficient time to squeeze in your gardening responsibilities to your schedule, you can contract professional gardeners to make sure your vegetable garden looks as you pictured it when starting out the project.