What are the Reasons and Why You Should Install a New AC Unit?


If you have an AC or a heat pump that has not been looked after since a long time, then you should definitely consider to replace the unit with a highly efficient replacement instead of only repairing the unit. When perceived in the long run, this helps in saving a fortune when it comes to repairs and through the energy efficiency savings offered by the new unit. Your savings will be reflected on your bills every month. When you install an energy efficient unit, you are doing a huge favor to the environment, cooling it down on the energy bills and preserving the natural resources. Here are more reasons why:

  • Rebates and tax credits

Consumers are provided tax credits and incentives on buying high efficiency ACs or heat pumps. They are also provided with APS rebates and SRP rebates for eligible models. Install a unit that comes bearing *SEER and **EER rating when it comes to utility requirements. *SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. It measures the efficiency unit of the AC or the heat pump. **EER is the Energy Efficient Ratio that measures the efficiency of heat pump or the AC unit.

  • Questions to ask the professional
    1. Are you licensed, bonded and secured?
    2. How long have you been in business?
    3. Do you have any unaddressed complaints with the Registrar of Contractors and Better Business Bureau?
    4. Is your license in a good status?
    5. Can I have a few positive customer referrals and recommendations?
    6. Do you check and fix leaking ducts/
    7. Do you provide professional written estimates like SEER performance data, Heating and Cooling Load Analysis, and an assumed figure of my savings on the energy bills?
  • More things to consider
    1. The company must take active part in annual continuing education
    2. The company must part in dispute solution via third party arbitration
    3. They must specialize in servicing and replacing the AC systems and heat pumps
    4. They must have their signature on a customer satisfaction Pledge of Performance
    5. They must offer maintenance agreements
    6. They must offer and delineate the written warranties
    7. Note that their business address is published and their service trucks are defined as well.

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