Why It’s Beneficial To Hire The Professional Piano Movers?


Moving an antique grand piano to a new location is unlike shifting any old furniture piece. A piano constitutes keys, wires, pedals, and other components that could be expensive to replace. In addition, the weight of a piano can be more than 1,000 pounds, making it exhausting and dangerous to shift by a homeowner with no prior experience. It is when professional Washington DC movers come for help. These movers specialize in shifting bulky items, including the piano, while eliminating the risk of injury. Read further to know the benefits of hiring professional piano movers.

  • Preventing Home Damages

Since the piano is one of the heavier items in the home, moving the instrument can be extremely difficult. Without the right equipment and tools, an individual’s home is prone to damages – from minor damages like floor scratches to major ones like holes in plaster walls.

Fortunately, experienced Washington DC movers will have the skills and tools required to safely move the piano out of a house without wreaking havoc. Moreover, they are skilled enough to slide the instrument through even the tightest doors and hallways without damaging the surroundings.

  • Ensures that the Instrument is Handled Properly

Although homeowners think of pianos as sturdy instruments, they are compassionate. Anything from continuous exposure to humidity to sudden sharp movements can throw the instrument out of tune or even damage the internal strings. But professional piano movers will have the experience to shift pianos safely. With professional help, homeowners can rest assured that the piano will be relocated to the new home looking and sounding good.

  • Reduces the Risk of Injuries

Pianos can weigh more than 1,000 pounds, and shifting them without the proper skills can put an individual at risk of injury. Therefore, this task is better for the professional moving company as they will bring a team of expert movers to lift and move the piano. Furthermore, they will have the skills and equipment to move the instrument through precarious places, like the staircase, without getting hurt.

  • Speeding up the Relocation Process

Hiring professional Washington DC movers for moving the piano will free up the homeowner’s mind and hands to finish other critical relocation tasks. A team of professional movers will have the tools and experience to shift the piano much faster than an individual can do it himself.

  • Saves Money in the Long Run

There are a few ways in which professional piano movers can save homeowners money in the long run. Although an individual must pay around $150 to $800 to move a piano, he can save extra costs on piano or home damages.


With movers offering so many benefits, it’s only worth hiring professionals to move heavier objects, including the piano. Take a few aspects to take into account when hiring movers, especially when moving an antique piano. Regardless of where the individual moves, he should ask movers for accurate quotes and check their qualifications, insurance, license, and experience. In addition, don’t forget to check reviews and testimonials of piano movers to choose the best ones.