Wireless v Wired Alarms


Home alarm systems were traditionally large and bulky, difficult to install and manage, and quite pricey. As technology has improved in recent years, so has the cost effectiveness of home security alarm systems. Now however, there is more of a choice than ever before, with the main decision to go with either installing a fully wired home alarm system or going down the wireless route and ensuring that your alarm system is connected to the rest of your wireless home devices. There are pros and cons to both, but whatever you choose to do, always consult a home security expert in order to gain full knowledge of what to expect from supply and installation through to management of the system and future potential tweaks.

The first thing to consider is the installation process for your new home alarm system. The problem with wired home alarm systems is that they require full installation from a professional team in some cases. It can take time to get the installation right, and once you have chosen a location for your wired alarm system it is likely to be the only place you can easily have it placed. With wireless technology it is much faster and easier to install a home alarm system, reducing the initial installation costs considerably.

In terms of running costs, a wired alarm system will run off the local power source, so you do not have to worry about the power running out. Saying that however, a wireless home alarm system that relies on batteries will be using powerful batteries that only require replacing once every two to three years in the majority of cases. Wireless alarm systems also have more expensive parts for replacement should things go wrong.

The aesthetics on a wireless alarm are much more pleasing on the eye, with no need to worry about how you will hide the messy wires that are connected to the wired alarm system. Wireless alarm systems are now completely up to scratch in terms of performance levels and consistency. Whereas there used to be significant discrepancy between the performance of wired and wireless alarm solutions, this is no longer the case with reliability good in both cases.

In the modern day home, it makes more sense to choose a wireless system for your home alarm and security provision. They are much easier to install and are easier on the eye.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both wired alarm systems and wireless home alarm solutions. Whatever you are thinking it is important that you first have all the accurate information at your fingertips in order to make a fully informed decision about which type of home alarm system is best suited to your needs. Find a supplier of home alarm security products that you can trust, a company that has a wealth of experience in assisting homeowners in finding the right home security solutions for their homes, budgets, and specifications. Always ensure that you have the right team behind you for supply and installation, to maximise your home security system whether it is wired or wireless.