Your Own Personal Get Away From It All – A Holiday Home


You and your spouse have put your time in running the old rat race, and are now ready to retire with a bit more than a tidy nest egg. You have already done more than your share of world travel, been there done that, and have been around Australia a few times, side to side and top to bottom. Your home in the suburbs is lovely, comfortable, near friends, family, and interests, and you would never want to give it up, but you still have the urge to get away from it once in a while, breathe some fresh country air, watch a sunset away from the city lights. Really, you have had your fill of hotels, bungalows, and, never again, tents! You want the thrill of being someplace a bit wild, but you also want to have some or all of the comfort of home there with you. It should be far away, but not too far. What’s the answer to this conundrum? Buying or building a getaway cabin someplace quiet and nice that’s yours to keep!

Since you have been around the country you most likely have a good idea of the location you are looking for. It could be a cottage by the sea, a lonely outback farmhouse, or a mountain chalet, whatever suits your fancy! What really matters is it’s your home away from home and it’s special to you. This is your chance to create a space that’s uniquely yours, that reflects your tastes and preferences, the kind of place you can hardly wait to get to. For the ultimate in rustic charm, we recommend you consider furniture made in Australia, their expert artisans can build you exactly what you want to fit any space with their custom design options! Do you need a comfy sofa that fits perfectly in your cabin’s cosy corner? A sturdy table and chairs for your kitchen nook? Rusticly comfortable yard furniture to sit and watch that sunset from? They can make it all, just right for you and to your specifications!

Here is another thing to consider when planning your ideal holiday haven. How much travelling do you really want to do? Yes, you want to escape the city hustle and bustle, but long hours on the road can be exhausting, and might even end up making you put off your visits if just getting there is an odyssey unto itself. Our ideal travel time is four hours- long enough to put some ground between you and the old neighbourhood, but not so far as to become a barrier. If you can get there by taking a train or airplane with relative ease, then by all means, extend that distance accordingly, but then think about getting from the station to the cabin, can you rent a car there easily? Plan ahead!

Wherever you decide to make your getaway, the main thing is that it’s safe, accessible, and exactly the place you want to go for peace, quiet, and fun!